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1993-05-11 - 2005-07-12

The card is made by Francien Roele

He was my obedience dog, who loved to compete just because of all the people watching at him. Unfortunately, he was not a show dog. He was a promising puppy but he grew out of his angulations and he didn’t have a correct bite.
Gorby competed obedience up to class II, but he was trained to class III. Until he was 8 we did some unofficial competitions once or twice a year just because he thought it was so much fun (we never did train in between).

Photo: Linda Frisén (july 2001)
In the summer of 2001(8 years old) he actually competed official at Tammsvik, the biggest show that the Swedish Sighthound Club arrange every year. He competed for the first time officially in 4 years and we trained two times before but like the borzoi he was, he never forgot, he just got out on the field and did everything correct. He became the best sighthound and won Class II!

 He was a dog with lot of humour, my  Favourite of Favourites, and he will always have a special place in my heart.


Gorby after blood tracking/game tracking in the forest and proudly carry home the hoof 
(one week before his 10-yearsday)

8-9 weeks old

Celebrating his 12th birthday


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