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Tamara was my second borzoi. She came to me because she needed a new home. She was 8 months and I was her third owner. Her temperament was not the best (probably due to bad experiences). She was afraid of men, you couldn't give her a pat at the back, she was afraid of the lead and very nervous. But with hard traning and stubornness I won her trust and she turn out to be fairly "normal" - you could pat her back, she wasn't afraid of the lead, and so on, but she never completely rely on men.

I trained obedience with her up to second class but we never compete officiell.

First time I showed her, when she was 9 months, she became BOG-3 with a great critique. After that her puppy-coat blowed away, (it was enormous) and she never got into a long coat again. She had a lot but it was short and that's not what the judges want.

Training at the "ladder" at the obedience club, with help from my friend Mari. After a few times Tamara had no problems to go over the ladder by herself.

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