Kennel Barowiak

Borzoi breeder since 1997

In the breed since 1981


We are waiting puppies out of the beautiful Swedish Champion Kozlowski's Rhinestone Mysterious and our Barowiak's Extris Black Molly. 

Pregnancy is confirmed by ultrasound, the puppies will be born in the middle of July.

I've had my eyes on Zakke ever since he was a very young boy and he has developed to a fine, beautiful male with the shape of a borzoi that I like. Zakke is not only beautiful; he also a happy, playful and very fridenly dog, so I am grateful to Cecilia at kennel Kozlowski's that she let me use him

Pedigree: https://borzoi.breedarchive.com/animal/testmating?sire_uuid=7d7bd3ab-9027-464f-85b4-f3d19baacaf5&dam_uuid=a7ef2cd4-520d-49bc-8c00-2b707a87dfd1

As a reputable breeder it’s my privilege to choose the puppies new homes and families and instead of using a list of priority I intend to make a perfect match between the puppy and the future family, where I expect them to have a good, caring and loving home. As a experienced breeder I have a long term plan for my breedings, meaning I dont use whatever dogs that crosses my path.

I only breed from individuals/dogs with good mentality that follows the breed standard. Not all of them has entered the show rings and that’s not what i require as a breeder. Good mentality and health is my main priorities but of course my expectation is a beautiful healthy borzoi fit for purpose.

If You are interested in a puppy, please contact me by e-mail 

Litter A - 1997

Tarasov's Basjkir x Nor-Castles Nadesjda

Litter B - 2002

J.A.Y Jp Rakhan at Borscana x Barowiak's Anna Pavlova

Litter C - 2008

Borzowski's Golden Jubilee x Barowiak's Bronislava Nijinska

Litter D - 2012

Krestovskaja Braveheart x Barowiak's Chatara Chaos

Litter E - 2016

Lynx Black Sky x Barowiak's Dronina Ballerina

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